Electronic waste recycling in Ghana - individual, environmentally friendly and sustainable

It is our concern to make the topic of recycling more sustainable and environmentally friendly for Ghana’s future together with all those who are connected to us in partnership and business.
Electro Recycling Ghana Limited offers individual services as a comprehensive recycling solution for the disposal requests of our customers. Our comprehensive disposal permit and plant capacity enables us to offer our customers and partners a safe and compliant disposal route with appropriate services.

If everyone pulling together understands that „tomorrow“ will only work out well if we handle „today“ in a friendly manner, then we have a well-founded hope for the future.

Areas we cover


Managing Authority

For you as a public authority it is important to have a reliable partner when it comes to the compliant recycling of your old electrical equipment.

Festo Ghana

B2B - Customers

At ERG, commercial and industrial companies from various sectors can take advantage of various waste management services


OEM & Vendors

Product manufacturers and product dealers must take their End of Life devices to an approved disposal facility. In Ghana this is possible.



Whether hospital, rehabilitation or medical practice, we as ERG Limited take care of the disposal of your old electrical equipment.